Direct access to the destination

Direct access to the destination.

Brussels-Charleroi - Hong-Kong

Belgium might be a small country… but it's packed with character! You can be sure of a warm welcome from the locals. Chocolate, beer, chips, waffles, spéculoos… Belgium is a land of fine food and fine foodies.

Low rates
round trip

Low rates.

A tailor-made airport

A tailor-made

A brand new Terminal was designed to receive Air Belgium’s customers. Direct access from the parking to the business zones and duty free, you will be in the plane quicker than ever before.


You’re in Belgium, at the center of Europe.

1 hours 30 from


Airport access

The Airport is easy to access

By car

Via E42 exit x
Via E19 exit y
Parking P1: By foot 3 min. Q-park

By train

Stop at
South station

and take the bus

By shuttle

Shuttle Flibco

By bus

Line A
from the South station every 30 min. Tec

Brussels-Charleroi airport.

Starting from 1919, Charleroi Airport never stopped growing and adapting to welcome more and better the passengers. With its firsts long-haul flights in 2018, the city is opening a new era of development.

Created in Created in 1919 1919
78.000 flights per year 78.000 flights per year
180 destinations 180 destinations
7.7 Mio passengers 7.7 Mio passengers

Phone number
to know

Police 112
Taxis +32 458 96 98

Contact Airport

Tel 0902 02 490 (1€/min)
Tel 00 32 78 15 27 22 (International Call)
Contact form
Brussels-Charleroi airport

Some words to say in French and Dutch

En: How can I get to Brussels?
Fr: Comment se rendre à Bruxelles?
Nl: Hoe kom jij naar Brussel?
En: I would like French fries with sauce, please.
Fr: Je voudrais de frites avec de la sauce s’il vous plait.
Nl: Voor mij frieten met saus aub.
En: Where can I exchange Dollars (HKD) for Euros ?
Fr: Où échanger des Dollars (HKD) contre des Euros?
Nl: Waar kan ik dollars (HKD) wisselen in euro?